EAST COAST TOUR JOURNAL: “On Tour, Not Everyone Is Who They Seem To Be.”

An exciting, action-packed story from the band that brought you Disgorge Mexico: The DVD & the Unnamed 7” EP, the thrilling uncut version of Fuck The Facts Unnamed East Coast Tour Journal brings you Topon Das, Mel Mongeon, Vil ‘Mathieu’ Andre, Marc Bourgon, & Johnny Ibay in a stellar cast!  At a time when the music industry has been at war with illegal downloading for over a decade, the latest work of lauded underground metal band Fuck The Facts promises to save the planet! But suddenly, Fuck The Facts themselves are accused of selling out and are thrown headlong into a disorienting nightmare of a tour as fugitives from their record label. With blasts of adrenaline-fueled intensity, this modern day thriller soars as Fuck the Facts races to prove their identity to the world…and themselves…in time to save all mankind!