Day 4 – Paving a road to victory with the displeasure of others

So far I have missed the first 3 shows of the tour since I’ve been too busy working on my tour journal. While the rest of my band has played the shows, I’ve been typing away in the van and sending draft after draft to the Exclaim! editors, only to have all my hard work brutally rejected.

They have given me a few helpful suggestions. I have been told that the kids like it when I drop some names, as it will help me gain street credibility and show that I’m ‘in tight‘ with some of the ‘bigger names‘. So I will tell you that we have been to Tim Hortons a total of 16 times so far on this tour. I have yet to meet the man in person, but I have been told that he’s a big fan of the band and will be at our Moncton show tonight. I have also been purposefully mixing up my coffee order to add some excitement to the tour. So far I have ordered a ‘double double‘, a ‘double triple‘ a ‘triple double‘, a ‘triple triple‘, a ‘triple double triple‘ (the extra triple is added to the first triple making a triple triple double, which would be more similar to a double double)

Another good thing to have a tour journal is photos with your ‘fans‘. Below is a picture taken of me with an excited fan drinking water.

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