Attention! Attention! This blog has been commandeered by I, Marc Bourgon. After multiple posts of pictures and quotes that make me look like nothing less that a blatant asshat, I have decided to steal the login and password to this Exclaim blog, hence declaring BLOGWAR on a one Topon Das.  Because you can’t spell Blogwar without BLOGWAR!

This is not a joke. I have been angry and violent since day one of this tour and have yet to find an outlet as suitable as this for my tour rage.

In other news, we have all pitched in to create a musical theme for this blog. Warning: May contain rump shaking catchyness.

East Coast Tour Blog Song

19 Responses to “BLOGWARS”

  1. “East Coast Tour Blog Song” is my new favorite song.

  2. Olav says:

    Beware that your song doesn’t get shot by the West Coast Tour Blog…

  3. Dennis says:

    I love Mel’s genuine disinterest in being a part of the experience.